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Main Features

protect user as he can observe behind walls and berms

rugged, easy to use and maintain

can be equipped with light torch andcomplies with MIL-STD-810 requirements

provide adjustable periscopic distance for night observation


is a surveillance periscope built for low enforcement and military use

offers compact, ergonomic and lightweight design with great performance and reliability.

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"Chosen to be used in day light observation."



is lightweight to work in trenches to observe the battlefield from the trench behind cover without exposure  small arms fire to enemy forces, with variable magnification up to 8.5x.


Technical specifications


Variable (4.5X-8.5X)

Field of view

4.5X : 9.0 degrees

8.5X : 5.0 degrees

Focus distance

4.5X : 0.5 m to infinity

8.5X : 2 m to infinity



Retracted length with handle

56.5 cm

Extended length with handle

69.3 cm

More Features

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