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Helmet group consists of:

- thermal observation sight
- Display screen is mounted in front of the soldier’s eye.

Set of power supply and control:

- Rechargeable batteries.
- Control switch unit.
- battery level Indicators.

Set of clothes & accessories:

- Tactical composite material helmet
- Military combat camouflaged protective vest
- Camouflaged back Mounted bag
- Mounted 2.3-liter rehydration pouch-
- Protective knee and elbow pads -
- back strap
- Antibacterial Socks
- belt
- Antibacterial Leather gloves
- Antibacterial Desert boots

Weapon group consists of:

- Thermal aiming sight.

Egyptian Integrated Soldier System

- The Egyptian Integrated Soldier system consists of surveillance, aiming and control equipment.
- The system achieves the flexibility of use and lightness of weight as much as possible.
- The system achieves the highest degree of accuracy and durability in accordance with the standard global military specification.

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