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Main Features

6 times magnification

Adapted to fit a variety of medium range arms (such as MPMG).

High image resolution

Light weight



Max OWL is characterized by a high ability to distinguish different distant targets and the ability to magnify the object by six times with high-resolution image quality.

Image intensifier tube

Gen2+, supergene, XD4, XR5


Aiming night device for MPMG

More Feauters


As much as we believe in quality, Max OWl (can work in extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, smoke and fog, freezing) with a high resolution as the device is certified by IP67.

Battery type

2×1.5V type AA

Max owl makes you don't worry about running duration, as it works with 2×1.5V type AAA with running duration 60 hours, this greatly cuts down on “down-time due to charging” or absence of power sources in remote areas.

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