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Main Features

handheld or fixed on tripod and extend video O/P .

superior technology in design and manufacturing.

Operates in hard weather obscurants.
Easy and intuitive user-interface.

Selectable palettes: white hot / black hot / sepia / other color.

Explore Uncooled Long-Range Thermal Binocular

"Chosen in situations where long range surveillance in day and night is required."

you can see further than you imagine

high quality optics ensure high efficiency thermal image, D88 can detect a target in complete darkness giving the user greater time to respond.
Human detection up to 3500 m
NATO Tank detection up to 10300 m

Endless power

D88 makes you don't worry about operation time, as it works with 1 Li-ion rechargeable Battery Model 18650 which can be stand up to 6 hours.

We believe in quality

 D88 can work in extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, smoke and fog, freezing with a high resolution.

Dual eye piece

As human prefers to see with both eyes, D88 offering a dual eye piece viewing with soft rubber eye guards for comfortable use at long time usage.

More Features

D88 offers compact and ergonomic design with great performance and reliability.

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