The role of AIO in the advancement of the Egyptian civilization
The company plays a remarkable role with the support of the competent authorities and state agencies in the field of promoting the antiquities of Egypt, which documents one of the greatest civilizations at the level of the Middle East and even the world
Triad Steele base
The base has been manufactured from anti-rust stainless steel, with thickness 4mm and 6mm, it's supported by props for weight tolerance, It's painted with the required color and was mounted to granite base (Museum of Civilization)
Wooden Oriels
Mounting bases have been implemented for a group of monuments with various sizes to ensure these are properly fixed in the Show Case, Applied in (Grand Egyptian Museum - Museum of Civilization)

Frames and Props with dimension 500Cm X 300Cm X 25Cm have been made, the frames were fixed in the wall at the requested height with metal rods
Stainless steel with sickness 4mm , 3mm and 6mm were used in (Museum of Civilization)

Museums Show-Cases
Museums Show-cases with various sizes have been implemented (80Cm X 80Cm X 120Cm) , (220Cm X 240Cm X 220Cm) and (420Cm X 60Cm X 220Cm), Show-cases for mummys as well as other show-cases with various sizes have been also implemented for the following museums :
  • Citadel Military Museum : total quantity of (177) show-case.
  • Museum of civilization : total quantity of (450) wooden-base + quantity of (24) stainless steel and marble base.
  • Sharm El-Sheikh Museum : total quantity of (35) show-case.
  • Kafr El-Sheikh Museum : total quantity of (17) show-case.
All show-cases have been provided with standard museums' illumination according to world specs and manufacturing standards

Museum showcase free-stand model
  • Designed for distinctive individual pieces
  • Metal structure with full iron detailing
  • Base with height of 100cm and width 60cm and depth 60 cm
  • Four-sided glass with type of Troplex glass as Crystal Pure (13mm)
  • 1 door in the glass from the front side
  • 1 spot LED (5 watt) in the first trimester, museum lighting
  • 1 temperature and humidity sensor
  • Fireproof fabric
  • All sizes are available according to the required specifications